Get Up, Let's TRAVEL!

1 min read
23 Aug
Have you ever thought to yourself, I want to travel and see new things? I know, I have all of the time. I used to think it was utterly impossible with three kids, Seperated, and just my parents for help. Well, I found a spcific cruise line that offers just that for Mommies like me. I never even thought I would be able to financially afford it or let alone leave my kids for a week to ten days...But this time is different. This time I am going to take the opportunity and seize it. I am no longer looking at life pass me by. And as much as I love, live and breath for my kids, until I start doing these things and are strong enough to do these things on my own is when my children will respect me. Let's face it,  the last year has been by far the most emotionally draining and self sacificing one that anyone should ever have to endure. Constantly crying, letting my kids see me cry, giving them everything and thensome to make up for this "Suck the LIfe Right Out Of You" marriage. To having parent coferences where the teachers tell you, your child cries when asked about her parents. (Yeah that was heart shattering). I get it. I was there, I wanted my daughters to see what a real marriage was....A TEAM..not one parent always there and one pop up parent for fun. But looking back if I didn't endure those things, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN HELL would I ever even considered traveling alone and to another country. So this opportunity in my eyes is the one I AM NOT LETTING GO...Because my kids will know how hard their Mommy cried, the mistakes I made, got knocked down more than a few times, but ALWAYS got up...Now look at her she is traveling the WORLD!!!!!  ALONE. Point to all of this no matter how bad it is for any mother, for any relationship, or any situtation KEEP GOING. Do not give up, because your happiness just might be your very next opportunity that you don't see coming. So, "EUROPE 2019!!".... Alone..but damn "HAPPY."