DIY- Kids Piggy Banks

2 min read
01 Apr


Teaching the kids about money isn’t always easy but this fun craft makes money fun for kids of all ages. These homemade piggy bank ideas for kids are so fun and the kids love making them!

This craft is fun and teaches your kids how to save money. (Check out the kids book on saving CENTS) You can get creative with the patterns and colors used on the piggy banks. Use your kids favorite colors and designs.

What you will need for this cute DIY piggy bank...

  • 3 Empty food containers of various sizes with lids
  • 3 Sheets craft paper with designs
  • 3 Sheets colored cardstock paper
  • Letter Stickers
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue
  • Scissors


First, cut each piece of design paper to the size of each container to wrap around it.

Wrap the paper around each container and glue down the edge.

Now cut 3 rectangle size shapes out of the colored cardstock paper. Make sizes of your choice based on each container size.

Using the letter stickers, spell out the words: Save, Spend, Give. Put one word on each rectangle paper.

Glue each word paper to a container of your choice.

Just snap the lids on and you’re ready to start filling with money! Great way to teach kids money handling skills!

Also a great way to have the kids save for a special check off the SUMMER BUCKET-LIST!