I just went to the Grocery Store....Where is all the food???

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07 Jul

The kids have been out of school for a two weeks now, and it didn’t take long for my grocery budget to take a hit. With 3 kids in the house all summer, my grocery bill has gone up significantly. We are responsible for the same three meals a day, but without packing a specific lunch, it seems they would like to eat anything and everything. (And let’s not even get started on summer snacking on everything!)

They’re basically eating from the minute they wake up until I literally  pry their hands off the fridge door and send them to bed at night. I’ve read all the posts on declaring a snack drawer in the fridge and a shelf in the pantry to be sure their free for all is healthy. But, I really wish that was me.....I have everything from fruit to fruit loops...Yes I said it...Oh yeah and the fruit snacks. I know, I know try it the healthy way. But to be honest I really do NOT have the time to pre pack healthy snacks for their little hands to get on before bed. I just don't have the strength in me to argue.

The real problem is that I shop for the week on Monday, and the food is gone by Wednesday. They seemed to do just fine throughout the year, with a packed lunch and a after school snack...But Once they’re home with the pantry and fridge all day, though, it becomes a free for all.

Then I stumbled on a solution to my food dilemma — the lunchbox. It works all school year. Why not use it during the summer too? Each night,  pack a lunchbox full of healthy snacks and for me some unhealthy but makes them happy for each kid. They can pick at the lunchbox all day, split their fare into a few snack sessions, or eat it all before lunch. It only takes a day or two for them to figure out that eating everything at once leaves them a little hungry before dinner.

They will  have plenty to snack on as they run and play all day long. And I have plenty of food in the fridge and room in the budget for other things this summer...Like a NEW CAR! jk.... So we are testing the lunchbox idea will keep you posted....

To Be Continued....