How to Keep up with the Everyday Cleaning-THE EASY WAY!

1 min read
31 Jul

It’s hard to keep a home clean, with or without kids and pets making it dirty. There are just so many things to clean, and so many areas to accidentally forget about. Without some sort of system, you can easily become overwhelmed! That’s why everyone needs a Cleaning Binder. A cleaning binder is simply a three-ring binder full of helpful pages related to keeping your home clean, like room-specific cleaning checklists and blank cleaning schedules. These give you an organized reference point for your cleaning tasks, ensuring your home stays clean while reducing your cleaning-related stress! A cleaning binder is pretty much a necessity for any homemaker!

This pretty printable cleaning binder includes 19 colorful printables (including covers and spines), ready to be made into the perfect home cleaning binder. With so many pages and cleaning checklists, every printable you could possibly need to keep your home spotless is right here!

Also, one of the most convient and price savvy products to use daily is all the "NORWEX" products. I truly am beyond surprised at how much more cleaning gets done while using all their different items. All the chores we dread doing NORWEX makes it easy, and looks ten times better than just everyday products. Plus they are all 100% re-useable so money saved too!!