Struggles of REAL FRIENDS or FAKE FRIENDS, and how to know the difference!

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18 Feb

Keeping up with REAL FRIENDS....

        Let's be honest here, Mommy-hood life is tough. It is exhausting. It is one minute of finding the nearest closet to take ten seconds to breath (and sometimes a few tears!) And adding another JOB to it, is on a whole other level. Everyone wants to give their kids and home life the best of them. A lot of the time working moms feel like it is nothing but an up hill battle, but on a treadmill...You think your reaching new heights but in reality you are just putting one foot in front of the other, and not moving anywhere. Kind of like a hamster wheel. Believe me, I totally get it, and then-some. Anyone who you know or talk to that acts as though Motherhood Life & Working is a walk in the park,,,,,, immediately cut that friend or I should say foe out of your life and I mean immediately. Because that is a bold face, BS lie!  And in reality they are the ones hiding in the closet with Oreo's and drinking a gallon of milk with tears that are waterfalls. Or the one's that always have something to say as how you can do better, etc. Yeah cut those people out too. I am going to be completely honest with you, my circle of friends is small. I do not talk to them everyday. I might see them once a month, if that. I am way to busy as a wife and mother of three on top of an accountant to even entertain a phone call. My circle is small, but MIGHTY! With that being said, the reason I do not have to talk to friends everyday, or go out with them is because they UNDERSTAND my priorities. They know the kids have homework, I have to cook dinner, I have laundry (the never ending basket) to do, etc. But at the same time, when I say MIGHTY there is not one of my girlfriends, I mean TRUE FRIENDS that if I dialed their number we would act as though I saw here yesterday. There is not one in my MIGHTY SISTER CIRCLE that would not answer the phone in the middle of the night, and if needed be at my house within five minutes. One particular would catch the absolute next flight to my house because she is five states away. You may think to yourself, yeah she says that but...."Well I SAY THAT BECAUSE of two reasons...First and foremost, I would do the same for them. Any second of any day. And secondly because they have already  done so... If you can not think of your friends in that demeanor than cut them lose. Don't waste your energy on fake friends. Fake relationships. And most importantly BS FAKE ADVICE! One last point I wanted to make, by no means whatsoever think that even a quarter of their Social Media posts are even real... Because Betty Sue down the street with four kids in private school, and is a stay at home Mommy with a full Nanny/Maid, is the same Betty Sue always yapping about someone, or someone else's kids...And while she does that "Karma is putting together her "antidote"! ...So sister if someone like that exist in your circle, or world sit back and watch with a fresh bowl of popcorn as that bitch Karma comes around. Just DO YOU! BE YOU! BE DIFFERENT! BE OUTSTANDING! Because you are..., who cares if your circle is small! Who cares what people say if you have to have a full time job & aren't a SAHM. You are doing what is best for you and yours... Be the circle that is mighty, fierce and confident. And if you don't have a circle even better!! ;) But always know you have a circle HERE at Simply Mommies, any time of any day. 

  • Don’t let anyone make you doubt your choices as a Mother, whether it be a SAHM or a full time Working Mom. This is YOUR FAMILY, you know their needs and wants. NOBODY ELSE.

Just a little note I wanted my SM community to read, and to let them know EVERYONE of you are doing a great job as a Mother, Grandma, Sister, Daughter, Aunt or Friend!!

Reach for the Stars Ladies, walk tall with your crown, and always trust your instincts. <3 xoxox

"Small But Mighty!"

"Small But Mighty!"