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15 Feb

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11 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage

As time goes by, the spark you and your partner had in the beginning may fade. Life gets so busy and repetitive that we sometimes forget to make time to keep the spark alive. It really doesn’t take that much time, though, and can be so beneficial to your relationship. Whether you and your spouse have already lost the spark or if you are just afraid of it happening, here are 11 ways to keep the spark alive or bring the spark back.
I promise it’s easier than it sounds so just read these and try to implement them in your daily lives.
How to Keep the Spark Alive (or get it back) in Your Marriage

  1. Show them love, all day. This starts in the morning. Smile and kiss them (yes, even with morning breath) as soon as you wake up next to them in the morning. Let them know you’re happy to wake up next to them. Do things like this throughout the day.
  2. Hug, hold hands, and kiss often. These are simple actions that can make so much of a difference. You’ll feel more connected to your spouse when you hold hands, kiss, or hug. Do it in the car, while sitting on the couch, when you walk past each other in the hallway, and any other time your hands are free or you can lean in for a little kiss. Do it whenever there is an opportunity. If you do, that spark is sure to stay (or come back).
  3. Do little things for each other. Make the coffee if you get to the kitchen first. Send a cute text message to tell your spouse you are thinking of them if you’re away all day. Take over with the kids if they’ve had them all day. Make dinner. Get them a drink. It’s easy to be thoughtful.
  4. Tell them when they look hot! Letting your spouse know that you’re still attracted to them is definitely an easy way to help keep that spark alive (or bring it back).
  5. Don’t wear sweatpants every day. I know, I know .. we all want to. Think back, though, did you wear them all the time at the beginning of the relationship? I know I didn’t! When my husband fell in love with me I dressed cute in things that flattered me, wore makeup, and did my hair. Now, obviously I don’t do these things EVERYDAY but I do make sure I do it often.
  6. Cuddle. Even if it’s just for 2 minutes in between the kids asking for something. Even that short amount of time lets your partner know you’re wanting to spend time and love on them, and it’s also a nice reminder to you of how much you need that.
  7. Ask about their day. It lets them know you care. Listen to how their day went and ask more questions as necessary. If they’ve had a rough day ask if there is anything you can do to make it better. Be that person for them.
  8. Random touches. When you walk past your partner in the kitchen, touch them when you do. Even if it’s just a slight rub on their arm or a hand around their waste. Again, these little things are necessary.
  9. Sex. This one is obvious but so important. Your spouse needs to connect with you on this deeper, more intimate level. ( )
  10. Appreciate your spouse. Tell them how lucky you are to have them, or thank them for doing the dishes.
  11. Laugh together. Watch a comedian, play a funny game, or watch funny YouTube videos together. Nothing can lighten up a relationship like a good laugh.
  12. I know this was only supposed to be 11 ways to keep the spark alive, but I’m giving you a BONUS suggestion. Learn your spouse’s love language. This sounds silly, I know, but we all have different love languages and it’s so much easier to give your spouse the love they NEED when you know what their love language is. I’ve read this book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts several times now and I learn something new every time. My husband’s love language is definitely physical touch while I need Words of Affirmation. Check out the book, you won’t be sorry.
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