Pre Black Friday Holiday Shop!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2018
8:00 am-11:59est 10/21/2018

Coffee & Wine from the comfort of your own HOME!
Anywhere you want....

Hi All!!

This MEGA HOLIDAY SHOPPING EVENT is one of it's kind. There will only be one vendor for each company. This event is not limited to just DS Sales, but for any business offering goods or services are welcome. Get your name out there. Let's Network this Holiday Season....PLUS Anyone who shops and spends over $100 will receive a $25 Holiday Cash Credit on their very next order. All shops will have an assigned Representative for that company for any questions and possibly any other incentives they may want to add with the addition to the $25 dollar Holiday Cash. It is completely up to the Rep or Business owner if wanting to add additional discounts. This is an absolute FREE NETWORKING EVENT hosted by Simply Mommies Inc.  Anyone who subscribes to our website, and fills out the FREE SUBSCRIPTION will automatically be put into a raffle of $25 dollars. There will be a raffle held every day at 10 pm EST until the event is closed (10/21/2018). The raffle winners are announced daily and will choose whichever vendor or company they choose to shop from. A fun event, with great sales, incentives and a perfect time to knock some of that Christmas Shopping off your list. 

**Any and all Reps or Business owners wanting to join have to send a PM or Subscribe at Again only one vendor will be allowed to host and post their personal links or websites for shoppers. If there are two who have signed up Administration will go by who enrolled on the website first. All sales are handled directly from Rep or Owner of the link they post. 

** Over 3,500 invites for shoppers have been emailed.

** You may bring or re-send invite to whomever you like. 

** THIS IS NOT A GAME OR SPREE GAME- This is a chance just to have fun and Shop for the Holiday Season. 

** Any discounts on top of the raffle or $25 Holiday Cash you may post on your link or Post.

**All DS Reps can post their link three times a day

**Raffles announced every day with Holiday Cash to spend for any vendor of choice

**Only 1 DS Company Allowed

** Promoting starts 10/06/2018

** Sale Starts 10/07/2018

***If you are a DS Rep and interested in putting your company in this Holiday Shop please send an email or PM before 10/07/2018**

All In one Shopping Event for this Holiday Season!!

Subscribe today for an extra discount!!

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