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Give the Gift of Literacy this year....surround yourself with your loved ones and lots of books! **GREAT SPECIALS IN FEBRUARY FOR <3 MONTH** Brand new TITLES & MORE!

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Color Happy

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One of a Kind, Handmade Elegant Candles...

An amazing story of a Breast Cancer Survivor and finding her light to help others struggling or going through all that she did as a SURVIVOR!!

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Marriage & happiness??

If you’ve asked yourself how to become a happier person, this is already a very good sign. Happiness is not something that happens to us by chance. Being happy is an achievable and learnable skill, which requires constant work on your attitude and depends on how you interpret your life situation. Happiness is largely a matter of choice. And it is probably the smartest life choice you can make. Recent studies show that happy people are 35% less likely to die early than unhappy ones! I am not going to lie since my seperation from my husband my life hit an all time low...I mean low is putting it mildly... The kids constantly crying, teacher meetings to tell me that two of my daughters cry when they think of Mommy and Daddy not being together and being a family.... Any sane mother, would go INSANE after that. I cried and still do, do not feel as though ok 6 months went by time to get over it. No no no....I still cry...Almost EVERYDAY... But you have to come to a realization point... (which is something I learned in a course I took at Yale with Dr. Santos, called the psychology of true happiness... try it!! turned my outlook all around, I found that course with many others on Coursea.com) And here is the realization point: " if you are going to lay down and give up?... Let your kids see you struggle and pretty much die inside??????, OR take what has happened WEAR THAT SH*T, and pick yourself up!!! Dust Off, and fight for your happiness. Learn to love yourself...Because as Corny as it sounds you really have to know and LOVE YOURSELF before you can ever give that kind of devotion to anyone else...Now, if you and your partner do not love each other anymore, and can look at each other in the eye and truly mean it..... than by all means Walk with your head held high and take it as a learning experience, and just focus on your children. Learn new things, try new things and as the transformation of yourself happens your tears will lessen and lessen...But if there is any part of you that thinks your marriage or relationship especially with Children can be salvaged, than GIRL, JUMP RIGHT IN AND DON'T LOOK BACK! Both of you go in slate clean as bad as it has been or was, and keep your family together. But ALSO the only way to do that is to transform yourself to a strong women and mother...A not so much different women or mother just an all around more knowledgeable, confident and strong... I am only speaking from my own personal situations. I love my husband. That was never the issue. The issues were many things on my part and his. But if you are going to keep your family together as your new transformed self, YOU HAVE TO LET THE PAST GO!! It will eat at you if you don't and you will end up back to square one with the waterfall full of tears everyday. I am still a work in progress, I feel like I am almost there. ALMOST. And when that time comes is when I will have to look at my husband and say we vowed through the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY...I am stronger and wiser from the past, I want my family together and an absolute 100% clean SLATE and be a family.,(And when I say family I mean just YOU , YOUR SPOUSE AND CHILDREN AS ONE TEAM!! No one else, YOUR FAMILY)...or we look at each other and say F*ck It...either way it is another kind of like badge to WEAR that makes you , YOU!! So if you can save your marriage and family DO IT!!! Everyone makes mistakes, everyone falls and gets hit, but you have to be able to get hit and get back up..Remeber your children never asked to be brought into this world, let alone have a family one minute and then it is taken away because two grown adults can't get it together.....I will never forget the last nine months of my husband moving out of the house, the tears, every night especially my son crying and begging for his dad to come sleep with us...Or the time my oldest daughter (which I truly think it has effected her more than I will ever know) had all her friends over since I was over compensating any and everything for them because I know the heartbreak they were in so did everything every day to keep them busy,  but back to the quick story...She had her friends over for a sleep over and I  heard one of her friends ask her (Because she was looking at a picture of my husband and all the kids I had on the wall)  " You have a Dad??" And my daughter says with this tone of utter shock her friend just asked her that,  say yes I have a Dad, he just travels for work, but my parents aren't divorced or anything!! Heartbreak is not even the word, I had to walk outside for a good ten minutes to get myself together..Looking back at those gut wrenching times and still do  make you stronger as a mother, wife and women..Oh does it kill you, .But once you know yourself, all your flaws, mistakes, and grow from it, This is the part when marriage/relationships will have the ability not only to make it but to make it stronger and better than ever..., but YOU took that VOW..So I will say it once more, if you have gone through the process' of getting to know your full self and love yourself and transformed there should be nothing or anything that can brake your relationship. It is going to take time, and work...Try and act as if you two were dating at the begining...You know the little things. The little cute texts, or notes....I still have every single note my husband ever wrote me...Even the one on napkins..LOL...As I get closer to the end of this journey of finding true authentic happiness and love for myself, except the trial and mistakes I made. Own them, I guess we shall see.... but every Psychologist in the world will tell you what a Divorce or Break up does to a child...  So own it, accept it, get over it,  stick it out...or Walk away with your head and Crown Held High, Have gratitude for the beautiful child/ children you have and on to the NEXT....<3


Just Mommy

Ideas for keeping up with the Spice in the Bedroom ;)

Let's talk about Sex BABY, let's talk about YOU AND ME~ Salt-N-Peppa <3

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Daddy & Daughters

Fatherhood...and the girls they love more than anything. How vital it is to have a relationship with a daughter if you are a father.

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Commander Center? OH YES!

Spring is almost here, and it is time to get organized once again. But this time the most effective way for the whole family. <3

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Hey Candle LOVERS?

Elegant Candles that everyone should have! At least one, I promise you will become obsessed ;)

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New Findings

Out of no where I received an email about traveling. And now here it is, booked and ready to go ALONE.

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Are you Daydreaming? Or are you Time Traveling? Because one of these will effect your daily happiness.

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Ways to Keep it Fresh & new

Ways to Keep it Fresh & new Ways to Keep it Fresh & new Ways to Keep it Fresh & new
11 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage

As time goes by, the spark you and your partner had in the beginning may fade. Life gets so busy and repetitive that we sometimes forget to make time to keep the spark alive. It really doesn’t take that much time, though, and can be so beneficial to your relationship. Whether you and your spouse have already lost the spark or if you are just afraid of it happening, here are 11 ways to keep the spark alive or bring the spark back.
I promise it’s easier than it sounds so just read these and try to implement them in your daily lives.
How to Keep the Spark Alive (or get it back) in Your Marriage

  1. Show them love, all day. This starts in the morning. Smile and kiss them (yes, even with morning breath) as soon as you wake up next to them in the morning. Let them know you’re happy to wake up next to them. Do things like this throughout the day.
  2. Hug, hold hands, and kiss often. These are simple actions that can make so much of a difference. You’ll feel more connected to your spouse when you hold hands, kiss, or hug. Do it in the car, while sitting on the couch, when you walk past each other in the hallway, and any other time your hands are free or you can lean in for a little kiss. Do it whenever there is an opportunity. If you do, that spark is sure to stay (or come back).
  3. Do little things for each other. Make the coffee if you get to the kitchen first. Send a cute text message to tell your spouse you are thinking of them if you’re away all day. Take over with the kids if they’ve had them all day. Make dinner. Get them a drink. It’s easy to be thoughtful.
  4. Tell them when they look hot! Letting your spouse know that you’re still attracted to them is definitely an easy way to help keep that spark alive (or bring it back).
  5. Don’t wear sweatpants every day. I know, I know .. we all want to. Think back, though, did you wear them all the time at the beginning of the relationship? I know I didn’t! When my husband fell in love with me I dressed cute in things that flattered me, wore makeup, and did my hair. Now, obviously I don’t do these things EVERYDAY but I do make sure I do it often.
  6. Cuddle. Even if it’s just for 2 minutes in between the kids asking for something. Even that short amount of time lets your partner know you’re wanting to spend time and love on them, and it’s also a nice reminder to you of how much you need that.
  7. Ask about their day. It lets them know you care. Listen to how their day went and ask more questions as necessary. If they’ve had a rough day ask if there is anything you can do to make it better. Be that person for them.
  8. Random touches. When you walk past your partner in the kitchen, touch them when you do. Even if it’s just a slight rub on their arm or a hand around their waste. Again, these little things are necessary.
  9. Sex. This one is obvious but so important. Your spouse needs to connect with you on this deeper, more intimate level. (pureromance.com/ashleygentile )
  10. Appreciate your spouse. Tell them how lucky you are to have them, or thank them for doing the dishes.
  11. Laugh together. Watch a comedian, play a funny game, or watch funny YouTube videos together. Nothing can lighten up a relationship like a good laugh.
  12. I know this was only supposed to be 11 ways to keep the spark alive, but I’m giving you a BONUS suggestion. Learn your spouse’s love language. This sounds silly, I know, but we all have different love languages and it’s so much easier to give your spouse the love they NEED when you know what their love language is. I’ve read this book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts several times now and I learn something new every time. My husband’s love language is definitely physical touch while I need Words of Affirmation. Check out the book, you won’t be sorry.
**And always check out new ways to spice things up at pureromance.com/ashleygentile  <3 xoxox**

As Simple As Possible

Simply Mommies

Funny but true advice from Bravo channel for Andy Cohen on Parenthood

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Check out a few free downloads we found just for you Sister, and the baby bump!

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And Just like that your little bun is just about Done...<3

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The Bun is still Cooking, and hopefully by now you are feeling better from all of the morning sickness, and crazy things that make you feel like you will never eat anything again.

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Here Comes Baby..Months 1-3...Enjoy Sisters!

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Any SM Sisters Trying to become a Mommy? This article is for you!

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It is our mission to spread HAPPY wherever we go and to empower people everywhere to embrace the positive and PLAN A HAPPY LIFE™! And do it all with style and Creativity...

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Let Your little ones make Free Masterpieces!! #ColorHappy https://www.colorhappy.com/amember/aff/go/simplymommies

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How to organize your kitchen and utilize space.

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Teach Your Monster to READ! Free


to Our Sisterhood

of Fantastic Mommy Vendors, Life experiences, and a community of POSITIVITY!

SM -Find For Science Smarties

SM -Find For Science Smarties SM -Find For Science Smarties SM -Find For Science Smarties

As a mom I am always trying to find new ways (especially during summer) that will keep the kids academically interested. Whether it was art with a water gun, or Chalk Couture. Something to keep their little growing minds intrigued so they wouldn't go down that SLIDE of SUMMER..So I found this fantastic website called Science Buddies. You join absolutely FREE,  and you become part of their STEM club with tons of ideas and easy ones for at home science experiments. As a new member you can also order a variety of science kits (use Simply Mommy for discount) that are super cheap but super fun! Hit the link and check it out for yourself,  plus you can't beat FREE!!




  • Gather a few materials in advance of your party:
  • fresh paints (choose washable options for kids)
  • paper plates for paint
  • new paintbrushes
  • canvases (high quality paper that can be framed is good too, but I can attest that there’s a magical ‘big kid’ appeal when you give a child the opportunity to create on a real canvas)
  • water (for cleaning brushes)
  • paper towels for cleanup
  • easels
  • Paint palettes can be found at many craft and supply stores (both the classic wooden oval variety and plastic palettes with divided wells), but if you want an even more cost-effective option, use paper plates. For added appeal, use an utility knife to cut a circle as a thumb hole in your palette.
  • Easels are another must-have that can be hard to find affordably when you need multiples. To allow seven kids to simultaneously paint on the 11" x 14" canvases, I built a long easel ledge that extended the full length of the table. I used bolts, dowels and scrap 1 x 2 boards to assemble the easel.
  • Find an assortment of paintbrushes for your guests, and don’t underestimate how many the kids will manage to use in a single painting party. Be on stand-by to help rinse the brushes too, to minimize post-party clean-up and keep the utensils from drying out with paint on the brushes.
  • Choose a theme for the night, and encourage the kids to paint to that theme. Another popular option is to select a single, professional work of art and allow the kids to replicate it in their own style.
  • Helpful tips:

    Sketch with pencil first! This will help kids plan and execute their vision.

  • Keep a hair dryer in the room. Blast the artwork periodically to help expedite the paint dry time so that colors can be layered without smudging together.

  • Be sure each child puts their name on their finished art – either on the wooden frame on which the canvas is attached, or in the lower corner on the front.

  • At the end of the party, make some beautiful memories and don’t forget to take a photo with all of the kids standing together, displaying their artwork.


Valentine's Day & Simple DIY Ideas

Great and affordable V-Day ideas- DIY Spread the Love

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Teach Your Monster to Read APP has arrived!!!

Teach your monster to READ APP IS HERE!!

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Easy was to make the Ultimate Pumpkin, with no mess!

Check Out DIY Pumpkins that will make even your child's art teacher jealous :)

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Fall Home Make Over..and when to accomplish them

Fall is almost here. So from Holiday decor, Holiday parties, and everything in between here is a quick and easy way to get "FALL" Ready and DIY ideas that are "SIMPLY"easy and amazing. Follow Us too!! www.Pinterest.com/SimplyMommies3 

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Disney Vacation Packages

Disney Vacation Packages Disney Vacation Packages Disney Vacation Packages
Last Minute Discounts On Family Packages To Disney & Disney Cruises-


Book Everything From Weddings to Bacholertette Parties...Oh and Don't Forget Mickey's not So Scary Halloween, and Winter with Disney!..All at a guranteed lowest price or your money back, plus a discount for subscribing to SimplyMommies3.com.. Check out the Travel Agency that has been #1 for over 25 years!! Take a load off and let us take care of everything....EVEN YOUR TRANSFERS or CAR SERVICE!

Book Disney Now all the way through 2020!!


Top Travel Agents

Organize & Prioritize

Setting your Daily...

Getting a Daily Routine is a vital part of Mommyhood and life in general...Organize and Prioritize..

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Let's Declutter ...and get organized...Sounds fun??

Amazing!! SIMPLY amazing and HAPPY ideas to stay organized and prioritized all the TIME!!! Smile because you never know who is watching... https://colorhappy.com/amember/aff/go/simplymommies

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Simply wonderful

Start your own Online Craft Store..

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The Simple ways to keep your home clean and comfortable..

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Sometimes It Is What It is

I don't care how tough of a parent you want to be, when your kid(s) look at you with those hurting eyes, your heart is breaking.  No matter why the hurt is there...  As a parent, you want to take every ounce of pain, disappointment, sadness and any other negative emotion they have to face.  You want to face that emotion for them.  You want to shield them from it.  You want to prevent it at any cost.  And when you are not able to do that, and you have to see that hurt in your child's eyes.... DEFEAT!

I don't know about you, but seeing my kid(s) hurt, for any reason, eats a hole in my heart and soul.  Even when it's because I'm disciplining them.  Just because you have to do it, doesn't mean it doesn't hurt you.  Growing up my mom would say, "This is going to hurt me more than it's gonna hurt you."  As a kid I thought, "Well then why would you do it?" or "Yeah Right!"

Mom, I understand now.

One thing I can say, communication will help to sort through this.  No matter what the situation is.  And sometimes just the specific words you utilize can make all the difference in the world.  

Check out these great lists of substitute words to help with your hard conversations with your kid(s):

55 Positive Things To Say To Your Child by Beenke

Say This, Not That by Nichole Schwarz

30 Questions to get to know your Child's heart by www.asymphonyofpraise.com

64 Positive Things To Say To Your Kids by bounceback parenting

Positive Things To Say To Your Kids by Pop Sugar Moms

Free E Book for SM Sisters

This book is one of at least 30 I have downloaded and read and it is by far one of my favorites...It helps prioritize what is TRUE HAPPINESS, WHAT YOU THINK IS HAPPINESS, and just STUPID HAPPINESS.... :) Enjoy and work at it and yourself :)

 Forget Your Past, Forgive Yourself, And Begin Again Right Now! Great Read on How to get "YOU" back to "YOU"

For example, ask yourself these questions.
How many hours in a day do you spend being angry, anxious, dissatisfied, or unhappy? 

How much time do you spend actually connecting with a loved one as opposed to just being in the same room as them?
 How much time do you plan for improving yourself each day, or each week?
 How many hours of your life do you spend doing things you don't enjoy for reasons that you don't really understand?
 We sleep on average 6-8 hours a night, but how many hours are quality rest?
 How many, then.. are just wasted lying in bed?


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  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
  • 954-638-8038

6 tips to stick to your GOALS!! Yes even with kids...

6 tips to stick to your GOALS!! Yes even with kids... 6 tips to stick to your GOALS!! Yes even with kids... 6 tips to stick to your GOALS!! Yes even with kids...


                                            Time flies, doesn’t it? It feels as though last week we were just reflecting on our past year and planning for the year ahead. Most of us start every new year with a set of goals we are determined to achieve. There may be changes we want to make in our lives, bad habits we want to get rid of , places we want to travel to, activities we want to try, or things we’d like to tick off our bucketlist.
I am just like you. Sometimes I become side-tracked. I let my lazy mind overtake my willpower. I let my mood get in the way of what I ultimately want to achieve. I procrastinate, put things off, and feel even worse later when I try to get things done in such a short period of time. Sometimes life gets in the way and disrupts my good habits. The next thing I know I’ve fallen back into this hole of laziness, procrastination, and not doing what I know I should be doing. Then I wait for the new year or my birthday to come around in order to get excited about my New Year’s Resolutions as if the date is going to make any difference. If you feel like you can relate to this and are starting to feel unmotivated, even though it’s only February, read on!
Here are 6 tips on how you can remain inspired and motivated.

**1. Get used to forcing yourself to do things.
This sounds tough, doesn’t it? Our mind has muscles. It memorizes patterns. By doing this over and over, you’re building your willpower and self-discipline. Forcing yourself to do things that you don’t feel like doing (but you know you should be doing) is a habit you can learn.
Every time I don’t feel like doing something like going to the gym or abstaining from eating chocolate, I tell myself that if I keep doing it for several weeks, one day it will become a habit. At that point, doing it will become second to nature. The next thing you know, you won’t even feel like breaking your good habits anymore.
Let me put this another way: Inside your head, there is Mr. Better Man and Mr. La La Land.
Mr. La La Land will always try to persuade you not to do things that Mr. Better Man knows you should do - like exercising, eating healthy, or being productive with work. These two guys don’t like each other, and they are in constant competition with each other.
When you don’t feel like exercising, remind yourself that if you don’t go, it will become even harder to force yourself to go the next day. Why? Because when you follow Mr. La La Land’s advice by not going, you’re giving Mr. La La Land the permission to control you. You also boost Mr. La La Land’s ego and self-esteem by listening to him. Over and over, Mr. La La Land wins and Mr. Better Man becomes the loser.
But if you learn to tell Mr. La La Land that “Hey, I’m going to listen to Mr. Better Man because he knows what’s good for me”, Mr. La La Land will feel small. He will start to lose his self-worth and self-esteem and eventually he won’t have the confidence to tell you what to do anymore. He already knows you will always listen to Mr. Better Man.
Don’t let Mr. La La Land win. Nurture Mr. Better Man and he will lead you to the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming. 

**2. Seek inspiration - every day.

<3  People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing - that’s why we recommend it daily.
Zig Ziglar  <3

No matter how intrinsically driven we are, we can easily lose our motivation if we don’t continue to seek it out. Ever since I was a child, I have made it a habit to look for inspiration. The Internet has given us the power to find anything and everything. It is up to you to use that power to your advantage. Because I am a creative person and I feel stuck, bored, and stagnant the moment that I don’t feel inspired. To feel alive again, I look for inspiration. I read books, watch videos, read articles, and do things that reflect what and who I aspire to become. I find ways to better myself and find inspiration every day.
If you have lost motivation with exercising, try going to new fitness classes, join a bootcamp, watch fitness videos, or get a personal trainer.
If you have lost motivation with work, see if you can do more challenging tasks. Read articles and watch videos that inspire your creative spark. Meet new people. Go to events.
Everyone is different and you’re the only one who knows what suits you the most.

**3. Focus on the emotional reward you will get. 

When you’re on the fence of fear, doubt, laziness, and tiredness, you have to focus on the emotional reward you will get if you just push yourself a little bit more to jump over that fence.
Focus on the feeling you feel after doing something that you know is good for you.
The feeling of an adrenaline rush.
The feeling of being fit and healthy.
The relief you feel after having finished a big project.
The pride you gain from an accomplishment.
The confidence you feel after having faced your fear.
Focus on these feel-good moments and remember that achieving that feeling again is just one step from saying “Yes”.

**4. Track your goals weekly and periodically.
Tracking your goals is crucial. We hold ourselves accountable when we don’t achieve our goals. Failing to track our goals is the easiest way to let ourselves fall off track. It is one way that our mind tells ourselves that we do not fully commit to those goals. If we can’t even tell our mind to commit to those goals, especially difficult goals, how are we going to accomplish them?
Writing things down is a way to reinforce to our subconscious what we want. Just like the practice of prayer. The more we tell ourselves what we want to achieve, the more likely we are to take action. We’re not letting those goals slip through our minds. The subconscious is powerful. The thoughts you say out loud are not as powerful as the thoughts you whisper to yourself. Positive affirmations hold their power. By tracking your goals and telling yourself over and over what you want to achieve, eventually you will overcome your laziness.
One day at a time, you can build a habit. Start with the habit of tracking your goals because tracking your goals is making a commitment to those goals. You cannot achieve difficult goals without making a commitment to yourself and to your subconscious mind.

**5. Set a reward for yourself.
Who doesn’t like rewards? Rewards can keep us motivated. And if a reward can keep us motivated for 30 days, then we might have successfully changed our habit by then too. Pick a healthy reward for yourself. While a material reward like a new outfit, a vacation, or a massage can be great, an inner reward feels better and is more sustainable.
What is an inner reward? An inner reward is the emotional reward you feel from within. This brings us back to point 3 - focus on the emotional reward. Instead of focusing on rewards such as “if I lose 10 lbs, I’m going to buy a new outfit,” focus on the confidence and happiness you’ll feel from being fit and healthy. Think about how much more productive you’d become when you feel energized. If you focus on a material reward, you may get excited when you get the reward, but after a while, you will lose your motivation again. The emotional reward is sustaining and it is built from within. Make it a habit to focus on the emotional reward and it will become easier to make real change in your life.

**6. Find someone to hold you accountable for your goals.
Instead of tracking your goals yourself, you can ask someone you trust to keep you on track with your goals. This can be a sibling, friend, partner, or even a professional such as a life coach or a personal trainer. They can be your source of motivation, and even better, inspiration. It is important to pick someone you believe in or someone whom you know would not let you fail at achieving your goals. Pick someone whom you know will kick your butt and will push your limit. Most importantly, you need to pick someone who believes in you. The feeling you get when you know that “someone believes in you” can be tremendous. This feeling will help push you forward and restore faith in yourself when you feel like giving up.


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